We’re pleased to be able to bring our clients another offer on parasite control. Ongoing we will be offering 10% off 6 packs of Comfortis tablets (or you can mix and match tablet sizes if you have a variety of pet sizes to treat!). Comfortis is an effective flea treatment and preventative available in tablet form for a both dogs and cats. It kills fleas very quickly and effectively and can be useful in pets who suffer from Flea Allergic Dermatitis . It is a prescription drug so your pet must be registered with the practice and have been seen recently so we have an up to date weight to dose the drug properly.


We’re seeing lots of pets (and owners) struggling to control fleas at the moment as flea populations are at a seasonal high. It is important to remember to treat all dogs and cats in the household to eliminate an infestation, and it may also be necessary to treat the environment with a house spray to eradicate all life stages. If you are struggling with flea control call 01280 703451 to discuss the best options for you and your pets.