Posted 28th May 2014


BloodIn some emergency situations we may need to give critically ill dogs blood transfusions. For example, this may be required after an RTA, in immune disease or liver disease. We are lucky to be able to use the Pet Blood Bank – a charity which supplies veterinary practices with blood products. However, in critical situations we may not be able to get hold of this blood quickly enough. Therefore we are looking to recruit a small number of canine blood donors within the practice, who we can call upon in an emergency situation to donate blood.


Canine blood donors need to be:

– >25kg bodyweight

– 1-8 years old

– Living in the UK and have never travelled abroad

– Fit, healthy and vaccinated

– Not on any long-term medication

– As blood collection involves sitting still for a period of time the donor needs to be easy to handle and relaxed in the practice.


If you would be interested in offering your dog to be on our blood donor list, and he or she meets the above requirements, please contact us on 01280 703451 to further discuss with a vet.