Posted 25th March 2013

Following discussion with Northamptonshire Police we have the following information we are able to share with regards to recent reports of dog theft in the Brackley area.


  • There are a lot of rumours around in relation to dogs being kidnapped and stickers being used to identify where dogs live.


  • Northamptonshire police are NOT aware of stickers being used to identify homes of dogs and this is strongly believed to be a viral hoax.


  • There has been one suspicious incident where someone walking a dog was approached in Brackley, however there have been NO reports of dogs being stolen.


  • Officers are making enquiries into the Brackley incident.


  • Dog owners are always advised to walk dogs on leads and be alert to what is happening whilst walking. Dogs should not be left unattended e.g. tied outside shops.


  • If you are worried about suspicious behaviour call 101 or if a crime is in progress call 999