Posted 4th Nov 2012


There are two important diseases it is recommended to protect rabbits from by regular vaccinations. These are Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD or RHD) both of which can be rapidly fatal. Previously it has been recommended to vaccinate against Myxomatosis every 6 months and VHD every 12 months. The two different vaccines could not be given at the same time – a 2 week gap was necessary.


A new vaccine has very recently become available which protects against both diseases and is only required every 12 months – much more convenient, and also cost saving:-


• Old vaccine protocol: Myxomatosis twice a year and VHD annually = £67.50 a year.
• If only vaccinating against Myxomatois twice a year = £45.00 a year.
• New vaccine protocol: injection annually = £39.95 a year.


Please contact the surgery for further information or to make an appointment for vaccination. If your rabbit has had a recent vaccination we will send you a reminder when they are due a booster and can use the new vaccination at that time.


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