Throughout July we are pleased to be able to offer Buy 3 get 1 free on Milbemax worming tablets (for both dogs and cats). Regular worming is important not only for our pet’s health, but also for human health as these parasites can be transmitted to people. For more information visit the Worm Patrol website that contains information on the potential risks of worm infection and provides guidance on how regularly you should be worming your pets judging by their lifestyle.  Our vets and nurses are also happy to talk you through the best parasite control programme for your pets.

Milbemax multipacks

Milbemax tablets are a prescription medication so pets will have to have been seen by us before they can be dispensed. An up to date weight is also essential to make sure your pets are dosed correctly. Appointments can be made with a nurse to quickly get an up to date weight for cats, and dog owners are always welcome to use the scales in our waiting area to check their dog’s weight.