Posted 18th July 2013


SnailFollowing discussion with other local veterinary practices we have learnt news of confirmed cases of lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) infection in dogs in both Farthinghoe and Bicester. Given this development we have decided to update our recommendation on routine preventative worming to ensure dogs are covered against this parasite which can potentially cause severe illness.


Dogs can become infected with lungworm by eating the larvae found in slugs and snails, or contact with contaminated objects in the environment. Increasing lungworm infection in central England is likely due to dogs moving around the country more, favourable weather conditions for slugs and snails, as well as more awareness and better detection of the disease.


Prevention of lungworm requires monthly treatment with a product effective against the parasite, namely Milbemax tablets or Advocate spot-on. We had previously recommended worming treatment every 3 months for most dogs, but are now advising monthly treatment of all dogs given the increased risk of lungworm now apparent in the local area. In addition dog faeces should be cleaned up and outdoor food and water bowls and toys should be cleaned regularly.


Further information about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of lungworm can be found in our Pet Info Library by searching for “Lungworm”.


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