From May 4th to June 4th we are pleased to be able to bring you a special Buy 4 Get 1 Free offer on selected flea control tablets. Although fleas are often a problem year round, with the weather (hopefully!) starting to warm up their numbers are bound to rise, which is a particular problem for dogs and cats with allergic skin disease including flea hypersensitivity.

Buy 4 Get 1 Free


There are a variety of flea control products available, with different products better suiting different pets, but benefits of the tablets available from vets include a very quick and effective kill time, reducing irritation to your pet and the risk of fleas becoming established in the home environment. To take advantage of this special offer simply call into the practice. You can mix and match tablet sizes if you are needing to treat several different animals and the cheapest tablets will be free. If your pet has not been seen at the practice in 6 months or over a free of charge parasite consult and health check with one of our veterinary nurses may be advised to ensure correct dosing and that your pet’s parasite control needs are being met.

If you are having problems achieving good flea control please call 01280 703451 and speak to a member of staff. Sometimes killing the fleas on the animal is not enough and treatment of the environment may be needed. Our staff can advise you on ways this can be done.