This month we are helping educate cat owners about the need for greater vigilance in protecting their pets from fleas, ticks and other parasites that can pose a serious health risk, and warning that not all products provide the ROCK-SOLID protection cats need.

Croft Veterinary Centre prides itself on providing the best feline advice and healthcare, so we have recently upgraded our parasiticide treatment for cats to STRONGHOLD+, which includes protection against the hedgehog tick (Ixodes hexagonus) – one of the most common ticks affecting cats in the UK.

In addition to robust flea protection and comprehensive tick cover, the new treatment also extends to mites, lice and hidden parasites, like intestinal worms and heartworms that pose a risk of infection and infestation to cats. Cat owners will be glad to know the new treatment is given via an easy-to-use, gentle, low volume clear pipette that you apply once a month to the back of your cat’s neck.

In addition we are also offering 10% DISCOUNT when purchasing more than 1 box of Stronghold+.

For more help and advice on flea and tick protection, cat owners can call us on 01280 703451.