During the start of the year our nurses are on hand to provide their expert help for your pet with problems that may be particularly on your mind at the moment:

  • Fireworks phobias
  • Weight clinics
  • Tortoise post-hibernation checks


Fireworks Phobias: If your dog particularly struggled to cope with fireworks over Bonfire Night or New Years then now (until late Summer) is a good time to come and talk to our nurses about a desensitisation programme. This behavioural management technique involves gradually exposing the dog to whatever they’re scared of, very gradually, whilst they’re feeling safe. It can apply to all sorts of loud noises, not just fireworks. Our nurses can also advise on other simple measures you can implement at home to help reduce stress at the time of fireworks and recommend products available to help. For those dogs with more severe anxieties a vet may also be able to prescribe medications to help.

Weight Clinics: Obesity is  a big concern due to it’s detrimental effects on both quality and quantity of life for our pets. Our nurses run free of charge weight clinics to perform a thorough review of current feeding and exercise regimes, and recommend appropriate diets and rations for your pet. They will then help measure the success of the diet by regular weigh-ins so adjustments can be made as necessary.

Tortoise Post-Hibernation Checks: Bonnie Wood RVN is available for post-hibernation checks as tortoises start to wake from hibernation over the next few months. These free of charge checks provide an opportunity to ensure you help your tortoise wake-up well and spot early signs of any post-hibernation illnesses. Bonnie has a Certificate in Nursing of Exotic Animals (CNES) and is always keen to put her extra knowledge to good use during her appointment clinics. (Post-hibernation checks are also available with Bonnie from September onwards for £15).

Other Clinics: Our nurses can also provide help with a variety of other clinics including pre-vaccination checks, pre-neutering checks, dental checks and senior health clinics. They are also available for telephone advice on a variety of issues including nutrition and behaviour.

To book in for a nurse clinic please call 01280 703451.