Posted 13th November 2014


Fireworks Den


We’re always working hard to get the message out to pet owners that there are some simple things they can do to help their pets cope with the potential stresses of fireworks night. This year our hard work has been rewarded! We entered a “Build a Den” competition run by the manufacturers of Adaptil and Feliway and found out today we were hand-picked from all the practices that entered to be one of ten winners! As well as our usual displays of top tips and leaflets the competition encouraged practices to build a den in the waiting room. It’s been a great way to make sure people are reminded to prepare their homes to be super pet-friendly during the fireworks season, and has also enabled us to get clients talking to our nurses about all the options available.


As well as trying to make your pet feel safe and comfortable when they are likely to be exposed to fireworks it’s also important to consider longer term measures to help them not feel scared. Starting in the New Year, i.e. when fireworks are less likely to be being used, you can start a desensitisation programme using a specially designed CD of noises. At Croft Veterinary Centre we can supply the Sounds Scary CD and one of our nurses can teach you how to use it. Sounds Scary is backed by years of clinical experience and is scientifically proven to be safe, effective and easy to use. In an independent scientific study 93% of owners reported an improvement in their dog’s behaviour after just 8 weeks using Sounds Scary. The CD is played quietly when a dog is relaxed and happy (such as when they’re eating) and over time the volume is gradually increased. The aim is that the dog learns that these noises are nothing to worry about. Contact us in the New Year to find out more.