As we all enter the next phase in the present situation, we would like to outline our working practises for the next few months making access to our services more efficient.

We will continue to have a closed door policy, with no clients in the building and only one person attending with their pet.


On arrival, please phone the surgery, we will then instruct you to proceed to a numbered bay on the left hand side of the building with your pet. A vet will come out to meet you and obtain all details, after which your pet will be taken into the centre and then returned to you via the front door where final discussions/instructions will be undertaken.

For repeat prescriptions: medication, flea/tick treatments, food orders etc. please phone the surgery with your requirements (24 hours notice please).

On arrival for collection, proceed directly to the rear of the building (no need to phone) and ring the buzzer at the dispensary window. To minimise any delay please collect between 11 and 2pm and 3 and 4pm if possible.

Finally, thank you for your patience, support and understanding, please continue to bear with us. We are endeavouring to catch up on routine vaccinations and operations etc. but due to increased consult times, appointments availability is not as experienced pre – Covid.  We are prioritising cases and please be aware the vaccine companies’ advice is that there is a three month grace period before a full vaccination course is required.