Last year veterinary nurse Holly Jones completed some extra training on Physiotherapy for Geriatric Dogs and she is now taking appointments to help out those canine patients who may be struggling with their mobility due to osteoarthritis or neurological problems. Physiotherapy can be a really useful part of the management of mobility problems. Holly can teach/demonstrate some basic daily exercises to help keep your dog both more mobile and more comfortable, with handouts to guide you through performing these exercises at home, in addition to considering other simple measures to put in place at home. As well as helping keep them functional the dogs often really enjoy spending some quality time having a nice massage from their owner!

Holly usually consults on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and we are hoping to train other nurses up to be able to provided these appointments every weekday in the future. The initial appointment will be 20 minutes and Holly will often follow up with you, either by phone or a follow-up appointment, to check you’re getting on OK, and may even add in additional exercises on a case by case basis. To book an appointment, discuss with a vet if they feel these clinics could be suitable for your dog, or if you simply wish to find out more please call 01280 703451.


Alfie and Holly demo massage


Other services available to help those dogs with mobility problems include:
– Weight Clinics: free of charge nurse clinics by appointment at Croft Veterinary Centre
– Acupuncture: available at Croft Veterinary Centre with vet Allan
– Hydrotherapy: we are lucky to have some local hydrotherapy pools we can refer patients to if suitable
– More advanced physiotherapy: Holly can teach you some basic exercises but electrotherapy, laser therapy and other techniques are available with referral to a local Chartered Animal Physiotherapist

If you feel any of these services may be useful to you and your pet our vets are happy to discuss and find the optimum management for each individual with mobility problems.