Posted 14th October 2014


Firework phobias are a very common problem for our pets. In a recent survey conducted by the PDSA 61% of questioned pet owners reported that their pets were scared of fireworks.


Now is the time of year to come and talk to us about ways of helping your pets cope, whether it’s the long term approach of desensitisation started in good time before fireworks are expected, or solutions closer to the time to help reduce anxiety including Zylkene capsules, as well as Adaptil and Feliway products (plug-ins, collars and sprays) – all available in the practice. Our nurses can talk you through how to use all these products as well as simple techniques to help pets cope in the home, such as creating a den and how you should behave around your nervous pet. We’ve got some displays in our waiting areas with top hints and tips and a leaflet you can download here.


Give us a call on 01280 703451 to find out what we can do to help.