Posted 8th May 2014


May 10th to May 18th is Rabbit Awareness Week, an annual event that aims to help owners make sure there rabbits are receiving all they need to be happy and healthy. Focuses of this years campaign include “Change One Thing” – promoting a correctly balanced diet for good dental and gut health.


During Rabbit Awareness Week you can make an appointment with one of our nurses for a FREE rabbit health check where you can receive advice on diet, weight, exercise and grooming, as well as picking up a goody bag with free samples of food. If you’ve made an appointment for a free rabbit health check why not check out the Rabbit Awareness Week website advice on Stress Free Travelling for Rabbits to make their visit to see us as easy as possible.


You can also make an appointment with a nurse for a FREE health check for your guinea pigs and we’ve got some goody bags for guinea pigs as well!


For more information on rabbit health you can check out the Rabbit section of our Pet Info Library and you can also view our leaflet “Veterinary Advice for Rabbit Owners” by clicking here. To make an appointment for a free health check for your rabbit or guinea pig please call 01280 703451.