Posted 5th May 2015


RAW logoMay 9th to 17th is Rabbit Awareness Week – an annual event that aims to help make sure all rabbit owners get the help they need for their bunnies to live healthy happy lives. The theme of Rabbit Awareness Week this year is #RoomforRabbits – focusing on creating a great environment for the nation’s one million pet bunnies. At Croft Veterinary Centre we’ve got several offers running throughout the whole of May to keep your rabbit in tip-top condition:


  • 10% off Rabbit Vaccinations – this annual vaccination protects against both myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD), both of which can be fatal. Throughout May this vaccination will be reduced from £39.95 to £35.95!
  • Free Rabbit Clinics with our nurses to get advice on diet, weight, exercise and housing for your rabbit, as well as preventative healthcare and conditions to look out for.
  • Whilst stocks last we have free goody bags for any rabbit coming in for a health check. We also have some goody bags for guinea pigs too!


Another important aspect of rabbit health to be aware of at this time of year is flystrike (maggot infestation). April to September is blowfly season so time to start checking your rabbit’s bottom at least twice a day making sure it’s clean and free of maggots. In addition to regular checks we sell Rearguard which once applied prevents infestation for up to 10 weeks. An application now and again mid-July keeps your bunny protected when it’s most at risk for this nasty condition.


You can also find out more about rabbit health at our Pet Info Library and for more information about Rabbit Awareness Week, including tips on stress free travel to the vets, visit