Posted 7th May 2013


Rabbit Awareness Week giveawayMay 4th to 12th May 2013 is Rabbit Awareness Week an annual event that aims to educate pet owners about proper rabbit care and welfare. Important issues include proper diet, housing and environment, vaccination, and common behaviour and health problems. More information can be found at


During Rabbit Awareness Week you can bring your rabbit in for a free Rabbit Health Check with one of our qualified veterinary nurses. They will be able to give you advice on weight, diet, exercise, housing, and grooming. Plus, whilst stocks last, we have a limited number of goody bags to give away to clients bringing their bunnies in for a free Rabbit Health Check!


For more information on rabbit health you can check out the Rabbit section of our Pet Info Library and you can also view our leaflet “Veterinary Advice for Rabbit Owners” by clicking here. To make an appointment for a free Rabbit Health Check please call 01280 703451.