We have 2 bits of rabbit news to share with you.


Rabbit Vaccination Clinic on 31st May
Due to an unexpected production delay there is a temporary shortage of rabbit vaccination for myxomatosis and RVHD1 in the UK. We are expecting the vaccination back in stock in early June, but we have several rabbits due vaccinations now and have obtained a multi-dose vial of vaccination. The multi-dose vial of vaccination must be used within a few hours of ‘opening’ so we’ve arranged a Rabbit Vaccination Clinic on 31st May to make the most of the vaccination and get lots of bunnies booked in! If your rabbit is due their annual vaccination around now, or is needing to start their vaccinations, please call 01280 703451 to arrange an appointment between 2-3pm and 4-5pm on Wednesday 31st May.


Rabbit Awareness Week 2017 – Free Rabbit Health Checks Throughout June
Rabbit Awareness Week is taking place from 17th-25th June this year. This annual event aims to educate rabbit owners about various aspects of rabbit welfare¬†and how to prevent common health conditions to keep pet bunnies happy and healthy. This year’s theme is #HoptoHay – spreading the message that 85-90% of a rabbit’s diet should be hay and fresh grass. That equates to their body size every day!

Throughout June our veterinary nurses will be taking appointments for free rabbit health checks with advice on all aspects of rabbit health and welfare. Anyone who makes an appointment for a free rabbit health check will also receive a goody bag featuring a copy of On The Hop Magazine and lots of useful info and hints and tips to take away on keeping rabbits happy and healthy. To book your free nurse appointment please call 01280 703451.

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