Referrals & second opinions

Following examination and investigation of a problem you may be advised to refer your pet to a specialist vet as an option for them to get the highest standard of care. This allows us to take advantage of advanced diagnostic equipment, surgical techniques and specialist knowledge of state of the art veterinary hospitals with whom we have built up good relationships, within reasonable travelling distance of Brackley, and occasionally further afield.

If you feel at any point in your animal’s care that things aren’t progressing as you would like, please tell us. We can arrange for a second opinion either with another vet within the practice, or a vet in another practice. It is obviously important that the new vet has full access to all the case notes, and we would ensure that these were available. We also request that we are given notice if you would like us to see an animal that is already being treated by another vet, except in cases of emergency, so that we can contact the original vet to get a full history of your animal’s treatment prior to examination.

Like a second opinion?

If you’d like to get a second opinion, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help

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