Posted 3rd March 2014
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From March 6th 2014 we will be taking part in SAVSNET (Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network) data collection. This is a national project run by the University of Liverpool and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association designed to find out the most common reasons for our pets to visit the vets. The long term aim of the project is to use the information gathered to improve the health of our pets.


Taking part in SAVSNET is quick and easy – it will not take up any of your time. All information collected will be anonymous and only used for disease surveillance purposes. If you do not wish to take part you can simply ‘opt-out’ by letting us know during your consultation. Information is also being collected from veterinary diagnostic laboratories that, together with the information collected from veterinary practices across the UK, should be really helpful in letting us see what diseases are most common, in which animals, and in which parts of the country.


To find out more about the exciting work being done by SAVSNET visit their website at