Operations & Hospitalisation

Information if your pet is coming in for routine or non-routine surgery at Croft Vet Centre

If your pet is coming in for routine or non-routine surgery or diagnostic investigations they will typically be admitted during an appointment with one of our nurses between 8:10am and 8:40am where you will be asked to read through and sign a consent form and provide contact details for the day.

pre-anaesthetic blood test may be recommended for older animals before general anaesthesia or sedation to check that this will be safe for them. Advice on whether your pet can have breakfast and if they should continue any prescribed medications will be given when they are booked in.

Typically dogs and cats are starved from the previous evening whilst rabbits and other small pets are allowed access to food as normal.  Procedures are generally carried out during the morning and we can arrange to give you a phone call and let you know when your pet is up and awake.

An appointment will be made with either a vet or nurse to discuss findings and aftercare. Animals will often go home the same day, but occasionally we will keep them in for monitoring or further treatment.

If your pet is staying in the hospital they will be cared for by our team of nurses as well as regularly assessed by the vet looking after them.  To keep you up to date with their progress we will let you know when best to phone for a report, typically after in-patient rounds finish at 9:00am, and can arrange for you to visit, typically in the afternoon or early evening after all the operations have been finished.

To make your pet feel more at home during their stay it may be possible to bring in some of their bedding or normal feed.

Pre-operative Instructions

To view Pre Operative Instructions click the relevant link below:

Pre Operative Instructions for Cats

Pre Operative Instructions for Dogs

Pre Operative Instructions for Small Pets - (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.)

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