Posted 14th Oct 2013


FireworksAs fireworks night approaches now is the time to start thinking about how we can help those pets who find the loud noises and bright lights of fireworks unsettling and distressing, particularly dogs. There are several things we can do to help our pets cope on the night itself, but the few weeks in the run up to fireworks night are the time to start a desensitisation programme which helps long-term control of a firework phobia. This involves using a CD to expose the dog to gradually increasing volumes of firework noises so they can learn they don’t need to be scared and can hopefully cope when exposed to the real thing.


To find out what’s involved in a desensitisation programme please make an appointment to speak to one of our veterinary nurses by calling 01280 703451. More information can also been found on our Firework Phobias leaflet which can be accessed here.


 Update 22nd Oct 2013


The Kennel Club have also put together some useful tips on avoiding anxiety in dogs with firework phobias, which can be found here. They also point out that making sure your pet is microchipped, and that the contact  details registered to the chip are up to date, is important at this time of year as the number of pets reported lost or picked up as stray is much higher around fireworks night.