Firework Phobias

As Autumn gets into full swing Fireworks Night and New Years are just around the corner so now is the time to prepare to help those pets who are particularly frightened by the loud noise and lights of fireworks. Prep work now can help them cope during fireworks season, either through behaviour modification/desensitisation strategies, or simply preparing ways to help them cope at the time. We put together some top tips on are website last year and these can be viewed here (including links to the free Sounds Scary resources thanks to the Dogs Trust).


Tortoise Hibernation Checks

We’d also like to let tortoise owners know that vet nurse Bonnie Wood is taking appointments for tortoise pre-hibernation checks. These checks help identify health problems that could become far more problematic if left unattended throughout the hibernation period. Bonnie has completed a Certificate in Nursing of Exotic Animals (CNES) and is always happy to put her knowledge from this into action. During a pre-hibernation check appointment she will give your tortoise a thorough check, give advice on appropriate care particularly with regards to hibernation or over-wintering for those tortoises too small or with health problems contraindicating hibernation, and if you can bring a sample in she can also perform a faecal analysis for evidence of worms. Post-Hibernation checks will also be available with Bonnie in the Spring to pick up early evidence of problems and help you provide the best care for your tortoise during this period.

Pre-Hibernation Checks: available for £15 and include the price of faecal analysis (please collect a fresh faecal sample in a clean container to bring to your appointment). In addition female tortoises will be offered an x-ray at a discounted price of £25 to check for evidence of reproductive problems.

Post-Hibernation Checks: free of charge.

To make an appointment for any type or age of tortoise please call 01280 703451 to see when Bonnie is available.