Posted 10th April


Digital XrayWe take x-rays everyday to help diagnose all sorts of problems in all sorts of animals. As well as letting us look at skeletons good quality x-rays also allow us to assess internal organs. After trialling it for a few weeks we’ve now switched to a digital x-ray system, allowing us to get better quality images than the film-based system we were previously using.


As well as taking better x-rays the new system allows us to attach electronic images to your pet’s clinical notes and easily share them with specialists via email or on a CD. It’s also more environmentally friendly than the old set-up, not requiring the hazardous chemicals that were previously used to process the films and maintain the equipment. Taking and processing x-rays is also quicker allowing us to keep anaesthetic time to a minimum. All great advantages in helping us investigate a variety of problems in your pets.


Our old x-ray equipment is being sent to be used by animal charities in Africa.