Bereavement Support

When it is time to say goodbye

Sadly, there often comes a time when a pet’s quality of life is called into question, despite everyone’s best efforts, and it may be necessary to make the difficult decision to bring their life to an end to prevent their suffering. If you are considering this course of action we are here to discuss all available options and help make the best decision for you and your pet.

When the time comes please let the receptionist know the reason for your appointment and we will try to make it at the end of a consultation period when the practice is less busy and more time is available. Alternatively we can arrange for a home visit.

We can also help arrange what you would like to happen to your pet afterwards. You may wish to take them home with you for burial, or we can arrange for cremation at a local pet crematorium. The pet crematorium is able to offer simple cremation, without return of your pet’s ashes, or individual cremation, with return of your pet’s ashes in a container, urn or wooden casket.

It can sometimes be easier to discuss what arrangements you would prefer prior to your appointment. It is very common to find the loss of a loved pet a very emotional and difficult experience. The Pet Bereavement Support Service offers help and a sympathetic ear for recently bereaved pet owners and can be contacted on 0800 0966606 (8:30am to 8:30pm every day). 

The Ralph Site is an online community that provides support for pet owners around the loss of a beloved companion with many resources to help those working through their grief.

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