We are pleased to announce that we can now offer Dental Referral services. Our referral surgeon is the lovely Dr Anissa Yung, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Dental Referral Form

Routine Dental Procedures

Price includes anaesthetic, IV fluids, full mouth X-rays, scale & polish, local anaesthetic and extractions if indicated.

Please note, these exclude any staged procedures (when a second anaesthetic is required on another day due to the number of procedures that need to be carried out).

Cats £361 - £1026
Dogs £440 - 1105
30 minute consultation  £120.00

Specialised dental procedures

Mandibular Canine Extraction - Deciduous  
Single £510.00
Bilateral £600.00
Mandibular Canine Extraction - Adult  
Single £600.00
Bilateral £700.00
Unerupted Tooth Investigations + Treatment From £500.00
Persistent Deciduous Tooth Extraction From £500.00
Simple/Small Dentigerous Cyst Removal From £800.00
Composite Restoration for Uncomplicated Crown Fractures  £300.00
  + £150.00 per tooth
Post-op Follow up Radiographs £300.00

Please contact the practice for other services offered.

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